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Southwestern Home Decor Is The Way To Go

southwestern mountain homeSouthwestern Furniture: Paintings, Blankets, Pillows, Coffee Tables, Area Rugs

I usually never make a big deal over décor unless it hits me in the face. For example, I’m from a small Texas town called Corsicana. We don’t have skyscraper buildings or fancy 5-star hotels. I’ve been in this small town ever since I was a toddler. (I’m not originally from Corsicana). I’m used to small motels/hotels, fast-food restaurants, back roads, small stores, and Wal Mart. Texas has its big cities, like Dallas and Houston. So pretty much, I’ve had a little taste of what it’s like in those bigger cities.

Summer 2015 was the first time I’ve physically left the mainland U.S. It was when I went to Hawaii for a church conference. As soon as I landed in Hawaii, their airport was already a different kind of airport that I was used to. This airport had a tropical kind of touch to it. It had flowers, small shrubs, and a few palm trees all around the outside. They had some sort of balcony inside. That was just the airport.

When I got to the house that I was staying at, it was in the middle of all these palm trees. The name of the place was Deep Hawaii. I didn’t really see where I was at because it was night time when I got there. It looked like we were going through a jungle to the house. When I woke up the next day, all I did that morning was go around the house taking pictures. Inside and outside. The house didn’t have air conditioning, we would open the windows and the breeze from the outside would flow in. The house was surrounded by palm trees. They had like lawn chairs in the front yard. I guess if nobody really kept up with that place (maintaining it), it would probably just be a bunch of tall grass and jungle.

Southwestern Style Is A Tricky Art

Where do you typically work at? For some people, it’s at their office or business where they will spend around 8 hours a day working at a desk or with whatever tools they work with. There will typically be little time for breaks and relaxation, yet for those who have been able to personalize their workstation, they could noticeably find themselves being in a more comfortable environment. Having an environment where you feel at ease it vital when it comes to work effort. When you work you want to have a suitable environment where you feel almost at home and can work with a clear head. So why not use décor to increase your own moral? Something as simple as a potted plant or a poster can greatly increase your productivity. Why let your work suffer just because you don’t feel as though you’re in a welcoming environment when you could easily just add some color to your work?

There has been research done that says that people work twice as hard when they are in a happy mindset. If you are a minimalist, like myself, then that doesn’t mean you don’t need any Southwestern decorations around you. Décor gives you the freedom to create and change your living arrangements so that you can be at ease no matter where you are. Getting away from a horrid mentality and introducing yourself to an almost home like one will help in your daily life since you no longer view work as an away from home experience.

People come with different tastes, so each person’s view on particular Southwestern décor will vary, especially when you’re filling you home with area rugs from SouthwesternRugsDepot. Don’t let peer views stop you from expressing yourself though since there is guaranteed proof that somewhere in anyone who would judge you there is something that they secretly don’t want anyone to notice. Take your own thoughts and be creative with your work. Have fun when you’re working or studying so life can just be slightly easier.

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How Decorating Can Shape Your Environment

Imagine what a simple rug can do for a room. Not only are they functional, one can really tie a room together. Imagine a man owns a rug, and say this rug is soiled, and it no longer is usable. To add insult to injury, this rug was ruined based entirely off a miscommunication, the people who ruined this hypothetical rug were under the premise that the owner of the rug was an entirely different man, not at all involved with the shenanigans these people were a part of. This classic case of mistaken identity not only destroyed the one piece of furniture that brought the entire decor together, this man suddenly finds himself mixed up with the likes of nihilist kidnappers and Philip Seymour Hoffman. If he were a rich man, he would simply go out and purchase another rug, but his landlord, though he values this man’s input on his upcoming dance performance, is not lenient on the rent, which is due on the 10th.

Are Rugs Are A Great Touch

Is he willing to go on a ransom drop with a suitcase full of a million dollars? Or would he just cut his losses and go bowling. Well, in the case of the classic American film The Big Lebowski, there are few things a man will not do to tie his room together. Decorating is a personal reflection of the individual, an extension of personality. It’s important to have furniture that represents you because your home should feel like YOUR home. So take one out of the Dude’s book, don’t stop at anything to tie the room together.

Good design and décor can impact your mood.  Good decor can make you feel good, make you feel welcome and comfortable in a space.  It can intrigue and inspire you.  It can make it easy to appreciate the beauty in spaces.  Because when you notice things that you like enough to make you stop and observe, you feel the appreciation for the fact that you are truly observing something that is impactful to you.  I love to be in beautiful places.  It makes me feel good and I know it impacts my performance in a positive way as well.  It is impressive when a place has a beautiful décor.

Décor matters to me because it impacts how I feel.  If I can add something to a space to make it feel more beautiful to me, I will.   Good design and décor help me feel good.  Décor has mattered in my life many times.  Surprisingly, the times where I have noticed it and felt deep gratitude is when I am sitting quietly in my living room on a weekend afternoon and I notice the décor and the room and it just makes me feel good to sit in the quiet being grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.

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Decorating My Home With Unique Area Rugs

How To Get Started Decorating With Area Rugs

Décor is a significant matter to me as a college student because of two factors, my work history and the television show American Pickers. This past summer I spent working as a Property Management intern for Bedrock Detroit, a sister company of Quicken Loans. Our main priority was the management of the building and staff in our portfolio. During my time, there I spent all summer making sure the interior and exterior of the building was in pristine condition. We focused on the small details that assembled altogether would make a beautiful building. Having worked for a company that has won awards for the beautiful nature of their buildings and décor. I came to appreciate as well as expect this in every décor setting I would have a hand in.

The show American Pickers, if you have not seen it, follows two individuals from Iowa who buy antiques from junkyards, hoarders, and collectors. They go to extreme lengths to find these hidden gems and restore or repurpose them to sell. I am also interested in the repurposing aspect, I find it so interesting when they repurpose items to service décor in a home or office. The imagination requires to create a genuine look intrigues me. I have changed my eye to try and mirror this philosophy. Seeking out older genuine items that could serve as accent pieces in a décor I want to create.

A unique décor always has to be created in your eye, flowing together with a sense of the creator’s touch. It is important to me because of my work experiences and the way I have been inspired by the show American Pickers. I learned the small details of a décor are the most important from my work experience and that unique item can set a décor apart from other by watching American Pickers.

Rugs Help Tie The Room Together

One’s décor is a reflection of his or her inspiration. The way I decorate my personal space reflects my emotions, outlook, and aspirations. In my room, near the sliding glass windows, I have colored clay pots that house various beautiful, bold succulents. On one of the white walls, there is a messy yet multifaceted painting of a world map. On the computer desk near the French closet door, there is a silver, metallic contemporary clock that displays the time, temperature, and military date on its LED screen. Each one of these aspects of my room makes it into an area where I can de-stress, rejuvenate, and dream. Décor and interior design is sometimes regarded as an insignificant aspect; however, this is a flawed point of view.

Simple pieces, such as rugs and tables, can transform a dull environment into one that is vibrant and enjoyable. Décor has the potential to showcase the innermost sentiments of a host, the importance of a room, and objective of a setting. Nonetheless, the concept of décor is not limited to an individual’s home. Any public place is reliant and dependent on the power of décor. For instance, hospital waiting rooms should not and cannot look drab and lifeless, for it is the very mission of a hospital to provide hope and comfort for the sick. A gray wall with depressing images can make patients feel worse and dejected. On the contrary, a cheerful room that emphasizes positivity can boost someone’s mood. Undoubtedly, décor is a vivid form of expression.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the influence that a single ornamentation possesses. Without a doubt, décor truly does matter. Whether it’s a small figurine or a big statue, there is a probable impact. Hence, there is a special story behind each piece of décor.

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Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR)

Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR)

A micronationalist is a male or female human being, 14 years old or older;

Whose identity and micronationality have been certified or accredited;

Whose real human rights have been secured or backed with small quantities of fine gold or silver, depending on the social status of the human being within his or her micronation.


There is no such thing as a self-defined micronationalist (or phoney micronationalist). There is no such thing as a micronation without intermicronational relations (or unrecognised micronation). Anything else is an alleged, not real micronationalist or micronation.

Each micronationalist is part of a real global intermicronational community, and each micronational identity has been secured not with the issuance of bank debt, but with the issuance of real small assets of gold (for the qualified micronational leader) or silver (for the qualified micronationalist).

Each micronational identity has been secured with the issuance of real assets, not debt, and is certified and assayed by micronational authorities.

A micronationalist can be a junior adult (older than 13, and younger than 21 years old), or a senior adult (21 years old, or older). All micronationalists, however, are adults, and treated as peers within the intermicronational community.

Each qualified micronationalist has real property rights, further enhanced by the rights and responsibilities available to them under the XIV Commandments.

Invitation to All Micronational Leaders

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®) invites each qualified micronationalist to register through the Qualified Micronationalist Survey below.

Each qualified micronationalist whose micronation and identity can be verified, will be issued one 1 Oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin (sample) as a minimum deposit in the UMMOA Treasury Security Safe. This minimum deposit of .9999 fine silver, with the approximate value of $20, can be increased with additional purchases in the future at the UMMOA’s, and/or the micronationalist’s discretion.

Each qualified micronational leader whose micronation and identity can be verified, will be issued one 1/10 Oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin (sample) as a minimum deposit in the UMMOA Treasury Security Safe. This minimum deposit of .9999 fine gold (24 karat), with the approximate value of $140, can be increased with additional purchases in the future at the UMMOA’s, and/or the micronational leader’s discretion.

Please note that the UMMOA Treasury Security Safe already has 81.1 Oz of fine silver (81.1 XAG), with the approximate value of $1516, so the UMMOA Treasury already secures the real human rights of each Ummoagian with 1 Oz of fine silver, and the Governor’s real human rights with 14.1 Oz of fine silver — about $264 worth of fine silver.

We hope that micronational leaders agree that this is strong evidence of the real existence and rights of UMMOA nationals, and while it is not necessary to honour each micronationalist, or even each real micronation, the UMMOA is willing to honour each real micronationalist and micronation with a real, precious metal-backed existence, and a certificate!

We hope you agree with us that this is a dignified, even superior method of certified or accredited micronationalism, and that you will participate in this special IDCSHR Convention by completely filling the survey below.

We will back our certified or accredited micronations with the finest gold and/or silver available, not propaganda. With human rights, not slavery. With kindness, not cruelty. With human love and attention, not indifference.

We truly believe that micronations are destined to rule the world. This is why we are willing to back in precious metals this unassailable faith in all real micronations and micronationals of goodwill.

HMRD Cesidio Tallini

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