Southwest Style Decorating Tips

A houses décor should tell a story about who lives there. Whether it be modern, country, or luxurious, the décor in the house should give anyone who walks in the front door an impression of who lives there even if they have never met them before. Personalities come in all form and so does home décor. Décor can be the difference between a bland whitewashed room, and a cozy warm environment that can give you the feeling of comfort. Having a decorated home, no matter where I am, creates a relaxing and stress-free environment that I look forward to going back to.


Historically homes were decorated with fine trinkets, and as I have seen in my grandparents’ house, decor has definitely changed through the generations. Crystals, fine artwork, and fine china used to be the go-to décor. It created the feeling that the house was from wealth and told a story that the people who live here enjoy the finest luxuries in life. On the other hand, more modern décor has turned to farmhouse style, which I find to be the types that create the warmest environment. Vintage items and simplicity are signature features when decorating in a farmhouse style. Having warm lighting and cozy throw blankets and pillows create an environment for me that brings warmth and an inviting feeling when I enter a room.  Having this warmth in a place I spend most of my time is very important to me. After moving to college, I found it very hard to find comfort in my cement wall dorm room.


After moving into my apartment and decorating it with my roommates, it became a second home to me; a place where I could escape the stressful college experience and relax. Having a second home has been life-changing for me, and the décor that we have all contributed has given a once bland and lifeless college apartment, a warm and cozy feeling that tell a story about who my roommates and I all are.