How Decorating Can Shape Your Environment

Imagine what a simple rug can do for a room. Not only are they functional, one can really tie a room together. Imagine a man owns a rug, and say this rug is soiled, and it no longer is usable. To add insult to injury, this rug was ruined based entirely off a miscommunication, the people who ruined this hypothetical rug were under the premise that the owner of the rug was an entirely different man, not at all involved with the shenanigans these people were a part of. This classic case of mistaken identity not only destroyed the one piece of furniture that brought the entire decor together, this man suddenly finds himself mixed up with the likes of nihilist kidnappers and Philip Seymour Hoffman. If he were a rich man, he would simply go out and purchase another rug, but his landlord, though he values this man’s input on his upcoming dance performance, is not lenient on the rent, which is due on the 10th.

Are Rugs Are A Great Touch

Is he willing to go on a ransom drop with a suitcase full of a million dollars? Or would he just cut his losses and go bowling. Well, in the case of the classic American film The Big Lebowski, there are few things a man will not do to tie his room together. Decorating is a personal reflection of the individual, an extension of personality. It’s important to have furniture that represents you because your home should feel like YOUR home. So take one out of the Dude’s book, don’t stop at anything to tie the room together.


Good design and décor can impact your mood.  Good decor can make you feel good, make you feel welcome and comfortable in a space.  It can intrigue and inspire you.  It can make it easy to appreciate the beauty in spaces.  Because when you notice things that you like enough to make you stop and observe, you feel the appreciation for the fact that you are truly observing something that is impactful to you.  I love to be in beautiful places.  It makes me feel good and I know it impacts my performance in a positive way as well.  It is impressive when a place has a beautiful décor.

Décor matters to me because it impacts how I feel.  If I can add something to a space to make it feel more beautiful to me, I will.   Good design and décor help me feel good.  Décor has mattered in my life many times.  Surprisingly, the times where I have noticed it and felt deep gratitude is when I am sitting quietly in my living room on a weekend afternoon and I notice the décor and the room and it just makes me feel good to sit in the quiet being grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.


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